First blog post

This is our first year of homeschooling and we are on the co-op planning committee because we know what we are doing. Not! We are winging this whole thing along with our dear co-op friends who are almost in the same boat. Some of them have more years under their belt, but haven’t been part of the planning process.

Today we are meeting at the old church where co-op was held last school year to get the co-op supplies and books moved to our new church location. I thought this was well planned out,
but it’s raining like cats and dogs, and those of us meeting to help have no idea which supplies belong to the co-op. The lady who works at the old church was supposed to meet us today show us what to take, she just informed us she can’t make it. Now I’ve been in the book closet once so I know where that is. But we were told to not touch some supplies in the Spanish room, what Spanish room! Two moms that have been apart of the co-op before had never even been upstairs with the classrooms. And the fourth mom that is coming is brand-new to our co-op so she’s never even been in the church before. So we are basically the blind leading the blind and Mason said we better take cover!

Well that went better than expected. We didn’t get too wet, luckily the rain slowed down a bit. Mason was trapped in the back of a mini van stacking loose books, of course we didn’t have boxes to pack them in. All the books and supplies are piled up in the floor of a class room at the new church because we don’t have bookshelves yet. Didn’t plan that very well. We left a note asking for a call if we took anything we weren’t supposed to. We don’t want the cops to show up at our house for steeling from a church. Mason left his umbrella at the old church, so we had to go retrieve that. Luckily another couple came with us, so we weren’t in the church alone. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but with my luck the church would had been vandalized today if I didn’t have a witness to us running in super fast for his umbrella.


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