Snow Chilled Wine

What do you do when you’ve been snowed in for 4 days, need wine, and the cork remover breaks? I thought about crying, but I’m not much of a crier.

This was the last bottle of wine in the house, and was properly chilled outside in the foot of snow and ice we have on the ground. We broke mom’s cork remover thingy, that I was so rudely told is called a corkscrew, while my mother laughed at me. Yeah, I guess I’m more of a liquor girl, those bottles don’t have stupid corks that need specialized tools with specific names to open them. You just twist and drink. Sorry for the rant.

Googling we go, to find alternate ways of uncorking a wine bottle. We tried bottle in the shoe method, didn’t work for us. Then we tried using scissors to stab and pull the cork out, yeah, that was a mess. About half the cork came up. We tried pliers and the broken screw part, that finally chipped the bottle. Now we have tiny glass and cork pieces all over the counter and floor. In the end, we just pushed the rest of the cork down into the wine. Yay, wine is happening, I need it more now than the hour ago when we started this process.

I know what you’re thinking, what about the glass and cork pieces… we are smart, we strained the wine through a dish towel into each wine glass. We use the dish towel trick when we make cheese and jellies, wait until you hear about that fiasco. This is the best tasting wine ever, maybe it’s just all the work that went into opening it. It really shouldn’t take an hour just to have a glass of wine after dinner.

Come on Spring, or at least temperatures above freezing!


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